HTPD Detailed description.


Global tactical strategy HTPD: Force of Law.
Player will assume duties of the head of Police Stations. One of those that spread across the Upper town in a huge megapolis, that captured ancient cities of the Old Earth. Not an easy job, but so exciting.
gorod2Patrolling and the establishment of trust relationships with prefects will allow to receive bonuses from located in these areas industries and companies.
 baseProper development entrusted police station enable to build up a huge building with a landing pad for suborbital shuttles and workshops for the production of high-tech weapons from just a tiny room .

 If tackled successfully, extensive modifications of weapons let you upgrade a poor-quality civilian gun to a unique weapon for the superspy.

  Private think tank, bio-lab and research units of grease monkeys are making it possible not only to improve existing weapons and equipment, but also to develop new ones. Besides, guidelines produced by the operational headquarters allow the use of new tactics and abilities of subordinates on the battlefield.
 No need to content with the weapons and equipment supplied by corporation, you can adjust your own production line to experiment with  components and quality, to change technologies and equipment assembly, ensuring completely unique samples.
Arms trade on the internal market of the department - that’s quite good additional source of income.
police smallPersonal development of subordinates is the success of any commander. But any man is a human being, that’s why in addition to learning new tricks and tactics later on you will eventually explore a specific personality traits of your units and not all of them are positive. Psychocorrection ( Correction of psychology) allows to bring to the stability almost anyone, but you can not use this function endlessly, otherwise you have risk to get mindless lemmings.

 correctorOperational Technical Services staff let you reverse the outcome of even a hopeless battle by properly hacking Reality (digital space surrounding each person in the metropolis) and drowning consciousness of the enemy in useless data for  disorientation or just blowing up his connection link to the Reality, as well as the head of the enemy.You can always hone your skills by challenging another districts team to the virtual team match, or participating in virtual championships and tactical competitions between departments.
wallpaper 5As a result of increasing reputation of the district and the expansion of the safety zone you can get the permission of the System to have raids and to patrol the slums of the Lower city. City that lives by the ineradicable enclave’s laws (center of hazardous industries and the dregs of society) and constantly engulfed in darkness of fights between street gangs. You will earn opportunity to challenge crime Syndicate, the almighty union of the crime world!
Even trained elite soldiers of the Syndicate seems to be kid’s games compared with the fighters of the Corporation security services and security officers of some high-ranking persons of the Heavenly city. Doors of this «forbidden palace», place of residence of the privileged class, will be wide opened by the System only for the most distinguished districts.
Life goes on when a player is not in the game, calculated by game server. If you properly planned patrols and set priority of researches, productions and other tasks you will not loose you time while you are out of the game. When you return back again you can use results of your offline activity immediately.
police car

timThat is a real alive world filled with heroes and scoundrels, exciting intrigues and dark plots. The «Story mode» will help you to explore the world, to understand the motives of events taking place, take part in a large-scale investigations and operations "undercover". Additional downloadable content provide a single and multi-player «campaigns». Passing such a «stories» brings you closed to the world of HTPD and gives you lots of bonuses. Such as unique characters and weapons, other types of equipment, robots that can assist during police raids.

provoke a1Development of the game is planned for the years ahead with regular "releases". Basic version of the game (client) is free of charge and available on a desktop and mobile devices (Apple and Android). Additional content in the «Story mode» or premium in-game sets require payment. Premium subscription offers extra functionality for those who is really involved in the world.