Part I.I. General description, Introduction

 Let's get started!
Hey, guys!
In order to break the awkward pause, I’ve decided to tell you more about HTPD: Force of Law. I've been planning on doing it for a long time, because the formal style of press releases can't express everything the way we want to. That’s why I want to make a series of articles, gradually, step by step, shedding the light to our project.
So, why is it so attractive and why should you definitely play HTPD: Force of Law?
I’ll probably start by answering frequently asked questions, such as "What kind of a platform is it? How is it going to be distributed? Is it going to be a standalone campaign? How are you going to sell the game?"
Let’s start from the very beginning.
HTPD: Force of Law is not our first game: we had a number of very successful projects. It's been 10 years since our last project was released (in the Reality 4.13), but the forum stayed on, people kept interacting, the mods, scripts, scenarios, and music were being created. World kept on living. That's what gave me a thought of bringing this website-forum reality life to the whole other level of online gaming. Thus the idea was born.
Just creating the world was not that interesting. I needed some narrative, quest, purpose. And that's how the role of the Department Chief popped up – role for the player to take on. You may ask "why cop, and not the head of the Syndicate gang or just any junior clerk?" I don’t really know what to answer. It is what it is. There could have been other options, but I loved my police department idea most. Later on we can extend the gameplay and add opportunities for the player to chose whether they want to be the leader of the Syndicate or make a spectacular career in the office. We'll see what future brings.
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